Gratitude for Ungrateful Days

Gratitude for Ungrateful Days (video)

Last Thursday we all agreed we are pretty good at being grateful on good days, but on bad days we have trouble not letting things get us down and often letting it snowball out of control.  Max Lucado’s book, Everyday Deserves a Chance gives us several suggestions to keep on track or to get back on track. 

Some highlights from our last discussion:

We can go back to the Old Testament and find where God started trying to teach us how easily our brain can distract, deceive or down right lie to us. 

“Be Careful what you think because your thoughts run your life.” Proverbs 4:23

Ways to be grateful and positive:

  1. Read scripture and focus on prayer

  2. Keep a collection of positive quotes or affirmations.

  3. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

  4. Memorize Scripture

  5. Replace lies with Truth…. (make sure your challenge stressful thoughts and reframe)

Thanks to everyone that was willing to share and support one another in our daily walk.  I look forward to seeing everyone this Thursday to talk about transforming Anxiety to Peace.