"Why You Little Sew and Sew"

Argg!!  Ever made a series of mistakes?

About a month ago in the middle of some incredible busyness, I decided to sew a top.  The Rifle Paper fabric was beckoning (thanks @needleandgrain) and my need to be distracted overrode reason. And besides, the pattern said “Easy to Sew”-So I could totally knock out this thing in an afternoon-right? 


Somehow I cut it 4 sizes too big.  My multiple attempts to fix that failed.  I kept sewing myself into deeper trouble only to throw it across the room in utter frustration

Flash forward 4 weeks later

Yesterday, when life was a tad bit slower (and too hot to be outside) I tried again.  

I painstakingly ripped out the double seams on the sides, removed not one but two neck facings (all you sewers out there are now fully aware of my depth of the previous bungles). And then I cut an entirely new front piece-this time something a bit more fitting.

There now.

I was feeling confident; my sewing machine was humming.  I carefully aligned and sewed the sleeves so that everything was just right.  

Uh oh.

Sometimes in midst of our journey to healing and recovery, we have setbacks.  Little reminders that life is messy and full of imperfections.  If we choose to be brave in our lives we are going to fail. The important lesson here is getting up after we fall.

I reminded myself of that yesterday as I once again, ripped out the seam, corrected my mistake and tried again.  

I didn’t even throw it this time.