Day Four of the 10 Days of Awe: For the love of Genevieve and Madeline

Day 4:

Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why?


Warning: the following world event may not be found in a typical Google search.

This is a photograph of Genevieve and Madeline, my great nieces. Both of them have medical challenges that require a unique level of intervention by their caregivers. Distance separates us but social media invites me into their homes almost daily. One is a future cheerleader, the other is a 'therapy rockstar'. 

Their mothers, Hillary and Meredith (respectively) are my heroes. The courage and ferocity that they have for their two girls is inspiring. Yet if you were to ask them, Meredith and Hillary would both say that their daughters are teaching them.

“I believe that you were sent here to save me, to teach me, to show me that there is a greater life worth living; a greater love worth having.” Meredith

“Fearful of the unknown, you taught me to embrace everything ‘heartbeat by heartbeat’.” –Hillary

Now if that doesn’t have an impact, I’m not sure what else would.