Sunday Morning Chaos

I love to be at church on Sunday mornings.  I want my family all there together.  However, what it used to take to get us all there in one piece was no small task.  It seemed nearly impossible to get us there and still be in a worshipping mood. 

It never seemed to fail one or more of my three would not cooperate. I honestly do have the time frame to get everyone together, in my head. My goal was to be out of the house and loaded in the Envoy by 9 a.m. to make it on time. I mean, sometimes we are early!! In my head….  And in my head it all worked like clockwork! 

However, the reality of Sunday mornings, tend to be a time of struggle for many. We often want to go to Church, but there seems to always be some kind of a conflict.  Lost shoes, a grumpy kid, getting up late, someone has a headache, or the battery in the vehicle dies. The list can be endless!

Why is it so hard and why does it feel so bad?

Families getting ready for church, on time, and maintaining a "worshiping atmosphere" often feels like climbing Mt. Everest!  It can be so hectic, especially if you have very young children or a nursing infant.

Here are some ways to move those lively "spirits" out on time on Sunday AND still arrive with the spirit of worship for church. 

1. Plan the night before. Get the children's clothes ready. Pack up their bags, offerings, books and for the very young, small snacks, crayons and picture books. Remember to pack the diaper bag too.

2. Staying up late is tempting.  Don’t do it. Go to bed early and rise early.

3. Keep breakfast simple. Clean up can be dishes in the sink until you return.

4. Have children brush their teeth, put on their clothes and shoes before having other Sunday morning activities.  Set a timer or use a schedule chart to encourage and help keep children on track. 

5.  Play positive Christian music or videos to help prepare their mind for worship, which is also sending the same message to you. 

6. Be sure to build in travel time, including getting everyone loaded and unloaded in the car. 

7. Be mindful of your attitudes and actions.   Remember, you are the most significant role model for your child and their spiritual development.

So we all have those Sunday mornings that make delays unavoidable, and on occasion we will arrive at church later than we would like. Do not let these days discourage you, for you will be welcomed with open and loving arms and remember next Sunday is a new day. 

Sherry Crane