B is for Balance

Yesterday I decided to take a quick trip home between clients to do a few things including washing a rather large awkward area rug.  I only had a small amount of time before I needed to return to the office, so I chose the 28 minute cycle on the machine.  I went about my business of typical multitasking, walking by the front loader occasionally to check and see how much time I had left.  When the digital reminder indicated that I had 7 more minutes, I hurried my pace.  After the 3rd pass and seeing the illuminated 7 blinking at me, I realized that the incessant spinning, stopping, spinning was going nowhere. Time had stopped but the machine and its occupants had not. It was out of balance and would not end its cycle until balance was achieved.

When I had a top loader machine, it would send a loud annoying signal to alert me the contents were out of balance.  Not to be ignored, it would continue until I would lift the lid and attend to the situation.  Not so much so for the front loader that I now own.  It will continue its spin, stop, spin until infinity or the belts on the drum burn up.

Anyone picking up on the analogy here? Balance is an important factor in our life.  Finding it seems to be a consistent theme in our therapy practice. So how can you tell if you are out of balance? Look at your sleeping, eating and voiding habits. Anything seem out of sync?  What about the rhythm of your breathing? Are you finding yourself holding your breath? Difficulty swallowing?  Loss of pleasure in doing things you previously enjoyed? Are you "checking out" when others are talking to you? If so, you may need to make a few adjustments to your to "load."  

If it's a minor bump in the road, simply taking a few moments each day to find a quiet place to pray, meditate and practice mindful slow breathing can assist in achieving balance.  Walking, running, yoga, talking to a friend, and journalling is also helpful in re-setting your cycle.

Persistent difficulty with finding balance can lead to a multitude of problems including both medical and mental health issues.  Talking with a professional can assist you in finding your way back to a balanced life. 

The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it. Anonymous